College/University Internships

VRP Institute, Inc. Internships provide a unique opportunity for individuals interested in careers in the non-profit and/or education sector and related fields. Interaction with fellow interns and professionals on staff allow for the creation of valuable contacts for the future.

The purpose of these internships is to provide a mutually beneficial experience that also educates students and future non-profit and education professionals about VRP Institute, Inc. and exposes to different business lines and the educational services we provide.

Best Practices
Internship best practices include:

  • Create an orientation on day-1 BEFORE the intern starts
  • Provide specific job expectations and clearly articulate their accountability (e.g. what exactly would be considered good/better/best)
  • Survey all interns in the beginning and end of the internship
  • Enable intern to be part of the business line leadership team (i.e. attending meetings, training sessions, group email distribution, community activities, etc.)
  • Create opportunities for them to gather together every week to share approaches, lessons learned, and their individual project details if there is more than one intern participating at VRP Institute, Inc. at the same time.
  • Let the intern know they will be presenting their projects and metrics to senior VRP Institute, Inc. leaders at the end of the internship