Parent/Fatherhood Initiative

Program Name: Parenting Development Institute

Program Vision: Create a school environment that promotes parent development and support programs.

Population Served: Parents and guardians of students

Population Needs to be Addressed by Services: Implement programs and services that will increase parent development, parent/student relationship, enrichment, and school involvement.

Services: Parenting and Life Skills Training Series

Conduct parenting classes that consists of presentations and workshops in the areas of:

  1. Healthy Communication, Stress Management, and Conflict Resolution
  2. Effective and Appropriate Discipline Strategies
  3. Self-Care, Self-Sufficiency, Safety, and Stability
  4. Substance Abuse Prevention Education
  5. Parent-Child bonding and Interaction
  6. Community Risk and Protective Factors
  7. Nutrition and Physical Health

Assumptions: Social Cognitive Theory

  1. Behavioral Capability – Skill used to perform behavior
  2. Expectations – Outcome of behavior
  3. Reinforcements – Responses increase behavior recurrence
  4. Self-control – gaining control over behavior
  5. Emotional Coping – Dealing with feelings toward behavior
  6. Teach prevention skills
  7. Provide real life example of behavior change results
  8. Reward incentives for completing behavior change
  9. Liberate risk group
  10. Provide a counseling phone line

Recommended Measuring Tools

  • North Carolina Family Assessment Scale-General (NCFAS-G)
  • A Measure of My Family’s Well-Being


  • Protective Factors Survey (PFS)
  • Parent-Child Relationship Inventory
  • Family Assessment Form
  • Coping Health Inventory for Parents
  • (AAPI) Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory
  • Child Behavior Check List (CBCL)