Take Flight

The “Take Flight” initiative is designed to build the “bridge” of content at any stage in order to begin to close the memory gap of learning and help students to be mentally prepared for the rigors of higher learning and achievement.

The pillars of the program:

  • STEM
  • Literacy Enrichment
  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring (positive self-esteem building/positive choices)
  • Adult Education

An increased ability to understand content yields a more confident and prepared youth or young adult to take on the rigors of learning at any grade level.

Research shows that students will have a higher success rate as compared to their peers that do not when provided with the opportunity to become involved in a program that encompasses enriching academic and community activities.

A program such as academic enrichment for transitional students is imperative as education has changed dramatically and it is imperative that we provide an environment for students to “Learn without Limits”.

This is a wonderful and beneficial process however when elementary students arrive on the door steps of the middle school without the basic skills for Language Arts or Math it is difficult for educators to teach grade level Common Core State Standards without first spending valuable time on elementary content. This paradigm can begin early, but ultimately effects learning at any stage.

It is also beneficial for the parents to become involved because they are also a factor in how students respond to school.