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All of our student programming align with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and directly prepare youth for work expectations as well as creating career ready students.

TRADER$ Objectives:

  • Working in self-directed teams, players learn collaboration, cooperation, and compromise.
  • Make decisions and learn how to live with them.
  • Use judgment to weigh the importance of information they uncover.
  • Integration of mathematics, social interaction, reading, communication, research, and economics.
  • 21st Century Learning Outcomes, Goals, and Standards: Life/Career Skills, Learning & Innovation Skills, Information, Media, and Technology Skills
  • TRADER$ curriculum materials include proven lesson plans that are tailored for different educational and skill levels.

Aligned with Common Core State Standards

TRADER$ Outcomes:

  • Learn and practice how to extract financial information
  • Create & join investment groups
  • Choose stocks to purchase
  • Learn how to buy & sell shares
  • Analyze charts & background information on stocks
  • Design a portfolio
  • Sharpen leadership & communication skills
  • Construct charts to display purchasing decisions
  • Group investment reports
  • Construct Data Sheets
  • Personal finance activities
  • Application of financial concepts and terms
  • Sharpen decision making skills
  • Participate in stock market trading simulation
  • Problem based learning skills